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Electro Therapies 

Electro therapies are often used in physiotherapy practice alongside manual therapies. They are chosen after an in-depth assessment and settings can be tailored to your animals needs.

Just a few of the benefits of Electro Therapies are

  • Muscle strengthening 

  • Pain management 

  • Accelerates healing

  • Relaxes tight muscles/muscle spasm


Only horses are treated with electrotherapy.

It helps to relieve muscle pain and tightness. It stimulates the muscles and causes them to contract visibly, but isn’t uncomfortable for the horses.


This is used by many veterinary physiotherapists, can be used on both horses and dogs and is non-invasive. It is proven to reduce pain, inflammation and muscle spasm, improve wound healing, aid arthritis management and increase the rate of tendon or ligament healing. 

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