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Lottie Bridle Veterinary Physiotherapy

Fully qualified and insured Veterinary Physiotherapist covering Sussex and parts of Surrey and Kent.
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What is Veterinary Physiotherapy? 

Veterinary Physiotherapy provides many benefits by providing a range of science based treatments. These are tailored to your animal's specific needs and include manual, remedial and electro therapies. Management advice and in depth treatment plans are also utilised to ensure positive progression. 

The aim of physiotherapy is to restore mobility, function and movement, reduce pain and enhance performance, either following injury or for general maintenance. 

Lottie Bridle Veterinary Physiotherapy

Lottie Bridle Veterinary Physiotherapy is a mobile physiotherapy service treating all animals across Sussex and parts of Kent and Surrey. I specialise in horses and dogs, however all animals can benefit from regular physiotherapy sessions. I provide specialist, research based treatments tailored to your animal and detailed post appointment home plans. To book an appointment please click here

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